No need to “Wonder” about this Woman, she’s got it under control. My thoughts, my kudos and my ONE critique.

Yes, yes and again I say…..YES! I need to speak to the person in charge over at DC Comics to let them know just how right they got this. There was ALOT riding on not only the commercial success of  “Wonder Woman,”  but also the critical success. Critics had to like this film or it would be yet another blow to the already underperforming DC movies. Sure they make millions, but so do the “Fast and Furious” movies. And the most frustrating part is, that’s not because they don’t have the characters to create their own universe, like Marvel has been able to do so effortlessly. Let us not forget that Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Joker, Catwoman and a list of others belong to DC. My point is, the movies have been sucking because they haven’t been placed in the right pair of hands yet, until now. Oh, and enter a female director by the way, that’s definitely worth mentioning.


The film begins with a little backstory on our girl, and of course defines how she became who she is, and who gave her the power she will eventually grow into. The actress that plays the younger version of her is right on the money, you will absolutely fall in love with her. She’s cute, she’s tough, she fights and she gives you an accurate glimpse into what the character will become. Robin Right plays her Aunt who is basically head of security at the palace. She trains the girls on how to fight and defend themselves. Now I watch Robin on “House of Cards” on Netflix (one of my favorites) and she plays the hell out of Claire, and this role is no different. She is quietly one of the biggest reasons why this movie works as well as it does. The part itself is not huge, but it’s what she does with the material and how she plays the character that allows her to shine.


I know there’s been a lot of talk about the physical comparisons of the Linda Carter version and the updated version, but Gal Gadot is alright in my book. She does a really good job of not imitating what everyone thought the character should be in 2017, but she still embodies the beauty of what makes Wonder Woman the sex symbol she’s always been. The one thing I noticed most about Gal is that her sexiness and vulnerability lie in her eyes, and there’s almost this trance like feeling when she’s playing her one on one scenes. The actions scenes are just as good and the special effects are clean, crisp and precise. When she slides on the ground and whips out that lasso or fly’s through the air at 100mph, it makes you sit up and take notice. I found myself adjusting in my seat whenever a fight sequence would come on because I knew she was going to kick some ass, and that she did. The only thing I would have liked more is to extend the fight scenes a bit and maybe add a couple, but you will not be disappointed in the fights that she does have, they are good!


This was pure fun and what a way to introduce this female character to a new generation in such a big way. It isn’t just about the movie, its also about the women young and old who idolize this character and are invested in her somehow. Earlier I mentioned that it was important that this film be praised by the critics, well, that’s just what they got. Don’t worry ya’ll, they did good!